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    Benefit from small-town values with big time service and delivery, brought to you by IHS and PDC IDenticard.

    IHS is proud to be a part of PDC IDenticard’s Partner network – comprised of leading systems integrators throughout the Americas who sell and install IDenticard’s physical access control solutions. PDC IDenticard is a leader in developing mobile security solutions for badging and access control that allow users to manage many of their daily security activities from remote locations.


    Comprehensive tools to monitor and secure facilities.

    grant access
    Restrict or grant access to doors and server racks
    Grant access to doors
    Monitor integrated surveillance feeds
    Mobile app
    Manage facilities on the go with a mobile app

    For over 30 years, IDenticard has worked to develop a
    nationwide network of trusted ID and security integrators.

    Because of this network, they are able to offer full-service, customized access control
    and security solutions for your site. Solutions include:

    physical access control
    Physical access control hardware and software
    Biometric readers
    Biometric readers
    card reader
    Card readers (scan or swipe)
    Visitor Management systems

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