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    Why do I need a licensed
    electrical contractor?

    Electricity is a phenomenon existing everywhere today that we often take for granted. Too often, electrical issues in your home can be a sign of a more severe underlying issue.

    IHS is committed to providing top-notch service to all our customers, and we’re proud to conduct business on the foundation of principals and relationships. We have local electricians you can trust – all electricians are licensed, trained, insured, and local. All employees are required to maintain Georgia’s Electrical Contracting License as well stay up to date on the state’s electrical codes.

    At IHS, your safety is our top priority. We guarantee we’ll leave your home safer than we found it!

    Our Electrical Services

    Electrical Repairs
    Electrical issues can spell out bad news for your home. Improper wiring can increase the chance of power surges, fire, and other serious consequences. Don’t let electrical repairs or renovations become a safety concern, IHS stands ready to fix them all. We’ll get your home up and running as quickly as possible, that’s a guarantee!
    New Lighting or Wiring
    Did you know that 1 out of every 6 house fires is started by faulty or overheated wires? IHS has your back when it comes to wiring/lighting installations and repairs. We put your mind at ease by having the knowledge and expertise to properly and safely install wiring and lighting to keep the whole house running. We’ve served the metro Atlanta area’s residential wiring needs for nearly two decades and continually strive to provide you with 100% satisfaction.
    Home Additions
    Building a new addition to your home can be stressful enough without worrying whether your current electrical system can handle the additional load. At IHS, we focus on keeping your home safe. We can upgrade and renovate your existing electrical system to ensure that your addition doesn’t only look good but works beautifully as well. Selling your house? We offer home inspection repairs too.
    Outdoor Lighting
    You’ve just built a new patio but it’s too dark to enjoy, or perhaps you want to show off your house’s curb appeal. We can install or upgrade your outdoor lighting so you can enjoy every part of your home.

    Additional Electrical Services

    Structured wiring
    Structured Wiring
    New appliances
    New Appliances
    Fault protection
    Ground Fault Protection
    Smoke detector
    Smoke Detectors
    Surge protection
    Surge Protection
    Breaker panel
    Breaker Panel Repairs/Upgrades
    Ceiling and Exhaust/Bathroom Fans
    Smoke detector
    Lighting Installation/Upgrades
    Switch installation
    Switch Installation & Replacement
    Home repaires
    Ceiling and Exhaust/Bathroom Fans
    Lighting Installation/Upgrades

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