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    How do I decide what Audio/Video systems are right for me? Do I need a licensed electrical contractor?

    With the vast amount of new technology hitting the market every day, it can be difficult to decide what equipment to buy, much less how best to wire it for the way you live and work. At IHS, we stay on top of the market trends, so you don’t have to. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll work within your budget to determine what equipment is needed – all while ensuring you get the best deal possible. And as dealers for the Total Control line for Universal Remote Control (URC), we can help you control it all too.

    Our Services

    Computers, phones, tablets, printers – the list goes on and on. The more family members you have, the more bandwidth you need, and the longer the list of networked devices. And if you’re working from home, reliability is a major concern. We can ensure that your network and associated systems are properly installed and configured, keeping every member of the household happy – and online.
    Home Theater
    Home theaters can bring the whole family together. When you sit down to a movie, or the big game, you just need the system to work. IHS can help you pick the right television or projection system, along with a sound system, to fit your room and budget. We can also program your universal remote, so even the youngest member of your household can enjoy the theater experience.
    Outdoor Living
    From patios to pools, outdoor living is a way of life in Georgia, especially in the warm summer months. But sometimes when you’re relaxing outside, you want the indoor amenities as well. We can help, whether you want a state-of-the-art sound system for your next party, or an outdoor TV to watch the big game, we’ve got you covered.
    Smart Home
    As technology gets smarter, so can your home. Perhaps you want to check the contents of your refrigerator while you’re at the grocery store, or you need to turn on the alarm while lying on the beach – whatever the case, IHS can help make your home smarter with the right technologies to fit your life.

    Additional Audio/Video Services

    Smart House Installation & Remotes
    New appliances
    Sound System Installation
    Fault protection
    Universal Remote Controls
    Security CC
    Security Cameras
    TV Installation
    TV Installation & Programming
    Smoke detector
    Lighting Systems
    wifi networking
    Wifi & Networking
    Cell phone system
    Cell Phone Systems

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